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Adrienne Bailon in hardcore threesome and double penetration

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Just like most of the celebrities we’ve come to know, being a social climber in this industry is no longer a shocker. When Adrienne Bailon admitted in one of her interviews about her “fear of failure” when asked why she hasn’t release her solo album yet, she was actually on plan B that time, knowing who to turn to for a different kind of courage and strength. Hooking up with a Kardashian, Rob, and appearing in their reality TV show as his girlfriend, Bailon was on the right track. She used this much to her advantage, building her name and career while surrounded by the country’s, well, the world’s most (in)famous celebrity family. But while bathing in fame and her fan base started growing and multiplying overnight, someone who knew of her dirty plans had even dirtier ones to expose her filth. One of her former summer flings who took a liking on her and more than just a fuck buddy at that wanted her to suffer for the pain he caused her and the only way to do this is pull her back down by putting this hardcore video out there.

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While some people might have believed that Rob Kardashian and Bailon’s breakup was caused by Kardashian’s sexual preference, Bailon’s nasty threesome getaways was actually the main source of the relationship to go down the drain. But it wasn’t all easy being in the Kardashian household because of all the drama, which happen to engulf every single living thing inside on a daily basis. That’s why to make sure she kept her sanity while enjoying the full blast fame, she was playing around and earning more than she could ever handle by making these amateur sex tapes with her fuck buddies. Of course Rob never knew of it until now. But after the split, Bailon earned more followers when they watched her take on these huge cocks and had some awesome double penetration sessions that could tear her ass apart. Turns out, people were waiting for her to crack and release this slutty side of her all along. That’s why blowing on more than one dick and taking two at a time inside her holes, especially her ass, has now replaced her fear at failing into something she’d look forward to. She can’t possibly fail people now when all they ever wanted was to see her be the whore that she is and get plowed by perverted jocks in every hole she’d present them with legs wide open.

Adrienne’s Nude Photo Scandal

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

hot adrienne bailon ass

The smutty photos Adrienne Bailon wished to send to boyfriend Rob Kardashian were leaked and now they’re public property. Adrienne is a singer and dancer, she was formerly one of The Cheetah Girls. The leaked photos of Adrienne were stored in her laptop that she lost during a flight. Her boyfriend Rob is the brother of Kim Kardashian who has a sex-tape scandal of her own. The extremely racy pictures of Adrienne were intended for Rob, though it’s not clear whether they reached him or not. Everybody else, however, got them courtesy of gossip bogger Johnathon Jaxson who allegedly stole Adrienne Bailon’s laptop computer and later spread the stuff all over the internet. There is a variety of pretty steamy pictures of famous vixen wherein she’s posing for her lover naked. hot adrienne bailon bra

Adrienne Bailon may claim that the pictures were stolen along with her laptop but Johnathon Jaxson’s subsequent confession suggested that it was all a plan by him and Bailon. He had stated that the hoax was an effort on part of Bailon to boost up her career and gain popularity.

hot adrienne bailon cleavage

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