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Adrienne’s Nude Photo Scandal

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

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The smutty photos Adrienne Bailon wished to send to boyfriend Rob Kardashian were leaked and now they’re public property. Adrienne is a singer and dancer, she was formerly one of The Cheetah Girls. The leaked photos of Adrienne were stored in her laptop that she lost during a flight. Her boyfriend Rob is the brother of Kim Kardashian who has a sex-tape scandal of her own. The extremely racy pictures of Adrienne were intended for Rob, though it’s not clear whether they reached him or not. Everybody else, however, got them courtesy of gossip bogger Johnathon Jaxson who allegedly stole Adrienne Bailon’s laptop computer and later spread the stuff all over the internet. There is a variety of pretty steamy pictures of famous vixen wherein she’s posing for her lover naked. hot adrienne bailon bra

Adrienne Bailon may claim that the pictures were stolen along with her laptop but Johnathon Jaxson’s subsequent confession suggested that it was all a plan by him and Bailon. He had stated that the hoax was an effort on part of Bailon to boost up her career and gain popularity.

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